Fracture in the body of the hamate bone with associated dislocation in the fourth carpometacarpal joint: a case report

Andrzej Żyluk, Zbigniew Szlosser


Fractures of the hamate bone associated with dislocations of the 4th and 5th carpometacarpal joints are uncommon. They usually occur due to high-energy injuries, i.e., in the course of multi-trauma. A case of a young man who sustained such an injury after punching a wall is reported. Operative treatment consisted of a reduction in the dislocation of the 4th carpometacarpal joint followed by a stable fixation of the hamate bone with lag-screws. This allowed recovery to normal function in the hand 3 months post-injury.


hamate bone fractures; carpometacarpal joint dislocation; outcome of surgery

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