Severe craniocerebral injury after e-scooter accidents in winter

Justyna Kowalczewska, Szymon Rzepczyk, Jeremi Kościński, Czesław Żaba


The increasing popularity of electric scooters in Poland is associated with the growing number of e-scooter-related accidents, which often involve head traumas. Although the most common types of injuries are abrasions and cuts to the skin, they sometimes include severe brain injuries. Most e-scooter accidents occur in the warm months. In winter, when there are unfavorable conditions for using this means of transport, e-scooter-related accidents are rare. Described in the text are 2 cases of severe cases of skull and brain injuries which required neurosurgical intervention. In both cases, the riders were under the influence of alcohol and did not use helmets, which had a measurable influence on the profile and the extent of injuries.


electric scooters; road accidents; head injury; ICH

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