Diagnostics and management of acute scaphoid fractures: an update

Andrzej Żyluk


The scaphoid bone is the most frequently fractured bone in the wrist. The diagnosis and management of scaphoid fractures are still troublesome and sometimes controversial. This article presents several aspects of diagnosing and management of scaphoid fractures which are a matter of scientific discussion. They include diagnosis of true fractures among suspected fractures, assessment of the range of displacement, methods and time of conservative treatment in a plaster cast, indications to surgical fixation, assessment of union of the fracture, diagnosis of nonunion, and the consequences of nonunion for the wrist function. The author believes that an updated information about this common injury may help young hand and orthopaedic surgeons in their daily practice.


scaphoid fracture; diagnosis; conservative treatment; operative treatment; bone union; nonunion; wrist arthritis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21164/pomjlifesci.848

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