Vascular-derived tumours localized in the upper extremity – a review

Andrzej Żyluk


Vascular-derived tumours localized in the upper extremity are relatively commonly encountered, particularly in children. They are divided into 2 groups: vascular-derived neoplasms and vascular malformations. These 2 groups differ in several aspects, although their clinical presentation may be similar. Haemangiomas constitute the greatest group of benign vascular neoplasms, which are seen predominantly in children. Vascular malformations are morphogenetic disorders associated with the formation of dysplastic vessels. This article presents the current information on the classification, aetiology, diagnostic, symptomatology, methods, and outcomes of treatment of vascular-derived tumours localized in the upper extremity. It may be useful in diagnosing and managing these conditions.


vascular tumours; haemangioma; vascular malformation; upper extremity

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