Outcomes of surgery for heamangiomas in the upper limb

Andrzej Żyluk


Haemangiomas are fairly common tumours encountered in the upper extremity. They are composed of non-homogenous groups of lesions of arteriosus, venous or lymphatic origin. The results of surgical treatment of haemangiomas in the upper extremities of 19 patients, 11 women and 8 men, at a mean age of 46 years are presented. Eleven patients (58%) had lesions localized in the digits, 6 (32%) in the wrist or metacarpus and 2 (10%) in the forearm or arm. The duration of the disease until operation was 6 years on average. The most common motivation to undergo surgery was cosmetic concern. The follow-up assessment was performed in a form of a phone interview for all patients, at a mean of 4 years after the operation. No serious postoperative complications were observed. Four patients were not satisfied ith the appearance of the postoperative scar, 1 reported sensory disturbances in the operated finger and another had reduced grip strength of the operated hand. One case (5%) of a recurrence of the lesion was noted, at 1 year after the operation.


haemangioma; upper extremity; operative treatment; treatment outcomes

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21164/pomjlifesci.808

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