Radiopaque gauze migrating into intestine - a case presentation

Dominika Pupka, Tobiasz Szajerka, Jerzy Jabłecki


Despite meticulous counting of surgical material, using the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist gauze sponges and surgical instruments continue to be left inside patients after the operation. It is an important issue for surgeons, operating room nurses and the entire medical team. Retained foreign bodies may cause many disorders and result in potentially serious consequences for the patient, including death; also, further procedures are needed to remove them and treat the subsequent . The presence of a retained foreign body is rare, but intraluminal migration of the foreign body should be considered extraordinary. Very few cases have been reported so far. The authors believe that it is desirable to perfom a wide range of imaging diagnostic in such cases.


retained surgical item;foreign body;iatrogenic diseases; gossypiboma

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