Biodentine™ – use in dentistry. Literature review

Katarzyna Barczak, Mirona Palczewska-Komsa, Maciej Sikora, Jadwiga Buczkowska-Radlińska


Introduction: The concept of “regenerative endodontics”, adopted by the American Association of Endodontics in 2007 was, to an appreciable extent, connected with the introduction of bioactive materials such as Biodentine™ to dental treatment. In the field of biomedical therapeutic materials, the concept of tissue engineering is distinguishable with respect to establishing procedures and materials such as Biodentine™ aimed at replacing injured tissues with those newly developed. The use of Biodentine™ has quickly become a widespread practice in dentistry, commonly used in the biological treatment of pulp and root canal treatment.

The aim of this article is a literature review on the use of Biodentine™ in dental practice and its specific characteristics, based on the latest scientific knowledge.

Materials and methods: Articles published since the launch of the material into the market were sourced and classified according to the topic they focussed on. A total of 52 papers were chosen, encompassing those directly focusing on Biodentine™, as well as other relevant papers not mentioning Biodentine™, but pertaining to dental materials in general.

Conclusion: On the grounds of this analysis of literature on the subject, it can be concluded that bioactive materials such as Biodentine™ have a wide range of application in therapeutic dental procedures. There are numerous studies presenting the advantages of this group of materials. However, the use of Biodentine™ still requires a comprehensive and long-term analysis to unequivocally confirm its therapeutic success following use of this material.



direct pulp capping; pulpotomy; root perforation; invasive cervical root resorption; biceramics

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