The issues of the homosexual with regards to reproductive health

Agnieszka Licow


Introduction: The aim of the study was to analyze the problems of homosexual couples with regard to reproductive health, with particular emphasis on the sex and age of the subjects.
Materials and methods: The study covered a group of 100 people who described their sexual orientation as homosexual. Participation in the survey was anonymous and voluntary. The research was carried out between November 2011 and March 2012 in Poland. The research method used in this study was the diagnostic survey and the research tool employed was the survey questionnaire.
Results: In research 75% of respondents stated that homosexual orientation is an inborn characteristic; 78% of respondents had “come out” with their homosexual orientation; 84% of respondents were in favor of the legalization of partnership in Poland; 54% of respondents said they did not see any contraindications for a couple of the same sex to raise a child, and 38.8% planned to adopt a child should it be legally possible. The presence of homophobia in Polish society was confirmed by 75% of respondents.
Conclusions: Most lesbian and gay people define their sexual orientation before the age of 18. Acceptance and empathy are the most common reactions to the “coming out” of people with homosexual orientations. Homosexual people accept their sexual orientation. Lesbian and gay people are aware of sexually transmitted diseases. Homosexuals support the legalization of civil unions in Poland.


homosexual; homosexuality; reproductive health; homophobia; sexual orientation

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