Posture and physical activity in dialysis patients

Magdalena Szałowska-Bojarun, Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Sroka


A review of the literature concerning posture and physical activity among dialysis patients was performed in order to determine strategies for improving physical activity and thus quality of life in this group of patients. Correct posture ensures harmonious functioning of the body with optimal efficiency. A sedentary lifestyle has a negative effect on posture and reduces a person’s physical fitness. Haemodialysis forces patients to sit or lie down for long periods of time, while the consequences of chronic disease additionally predispose them to a sedentary lifestyle. Patients with chronic kidney disease treated by dialysis are particularly likely to exhibit sedentary behaviour, and thus are less physically active. The physical fitness of dialysis patients deteriorates due to kidney disease, but also because of concomitant diseases. It is very important to educate patients about the positive effects of physical activity, as well as to promote exercise as a necessary element of treatment for improving their quality of life.


posture; physical activity; dialysis; kidney diseases

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