Fournier gangrene complicated by bowel necrosis – a case report

Andrzej Żyluk, Wojciech Jagielski



A case of necrotizing fasciitis of perianal soft tissue (Fournier’s gangrene) in a 64-year-old woman without any comorbidities is reported. The condition developed within 5 days, causing necrosis of perianal soft tissue and sepsis. Treatment included loop colostomy, necrectomy and antibiotics, but with only a modest response. In the next few days necrosis and perforation of the transverse colon occurred, followed by jejunum necrosis and perforation, requiring their resection. In spite of intensive therapy, the patient died 9 days after admission. The presented case is interesting due to the occurrence of concomitant bowel necrosis and perforation, which has so far not been reported.


necrotizing fasciitis; Fournier’s gangrene; bowel necrosis

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