The application of thermography in medicine – literature review

Anna Modrzejewska, Mirosław Parafiniuk



Introduction: The purpose of this report was to present the application of thermal imaging in various fields of medicine, including ophthalmology.

The application of thermography: Data in the literature indicate that the detection of infrared radiation emitted by various objects, including human tissues, can be successfully used in medicine. It is most often used to estimate the extent and severity of inflammation in the tissue, based on the phenomenon of high thermoemission caused by a local increase in blood supply and tissue metabolism.

Thermography is used in the diagnosis of arthritis, skin and eye inflammation. An increase of the temperature is observed in cancerous tumors such as melanoma and hemangioma. Reduced temperature as a result of blood circulation disorders is shown by dynamic thermography in the Raynaud syndrome, after a heart attack, after skin burns and retinal ischemia. The eyes of patients with the dry eye syndrome have a lower temperature than healthy subjects, which may result from the lower emission of infrared radiation by the disturbed tear film.

Conclusion: Thermography is a non-invasive, fast and objective method that can be used in many areas of medicine in the future, including ophthalmology.


thermography; thermovision camera; medicine; ophthalmology; dry eye syndrome; uveal melanoma

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