Bi­‍-compartmental gall bladder with the distal part filled with stones and inflamed, and the proximal part not involved – a case report

Andrzej Żyluk, Bernard Piotuch


Anatomical anomalies of extra­‍-hepatical biliary ducts are fairly common, occurring in about 16% of patients. The most common anomaly is an atypical course of the cystic duct and its outlet to the common hepatic duct. Anomalies of the gall bladder are less common and rarely presented, due to their minor clinical relevance.

The paper presents the case of a female patient with a two­‍-compartment gall bladder, the distal part of which was filled with biliary stones and inflamed, whereas the proximal part contained no stones and was not involved. The operation, although difficult because of the atypical anatomy and inflammatory infiltration, was uneventful, and the patient eventually recovered.


gall bladder; anatomical anomalies; gall stone disease; cholecystitis

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