Anna Mikołajczyk, Marek Kocięcki, Aleksandra Zaklukiewicz, Mariusz Listewnik, Magdalena Gębska


Low therapeutic efficacy in a number of cases involving the musculoskeletal system may be caused by a wrong diagnosis, the misunderstanding of the essence of the problem, pathogen or improper treatment. Therapy may be applied to the wrong area (at the site of pain) or may cover an area that is too small. The paper presents the theory of structural tensegrity (along with the anatomical and physiological grounds), which is based on a number of modern holistic therapies. One such method is the method of fascial manipulation by Stecco, described in outline in this article. This article also describes the structure and functions of the fascia since understanding of this structure was the cause of the emergence of new concepts and therapies.


fascial manipulation; fascia; structural tensegration; soft tissue therapy; anathomy trains

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