Rare and unexpected findings in a multitraumatized patient requiring emergency laparotomy. A case report

Andrzej Żyluk, Zbigniew Szlosser



Multitraumatic injuries are common in an era of widespread motoring. Abdominal trauma is linked with 30–40% of these injuries. Intraabdominal bleeding caused by ruptured abdominal viscera: liver, spleen or small bowel mesentery is potentially life-threatening and, in most cases, requires immediate surgical intervention.

The paper reports the case of a patient following multitrauma, who was operated on in an emergency due to abdominal haemorrhage. During the laparotomy, apart from lesions causing 

bleeding (laceration of the mesentery and small bowel perforation), two unexpected, uncommon lesions were found: a healthy Meckel diverticulum and haematoma in the mesentery of the appendix.

The rules of diagnostics and management in typical abdominal injuries are discussed, with special attention to some rare and atypical pathologies found during the operation.


multitrauma; intraabdominal bleeding; Meckel diverticulum; vermiform appendix

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21164/pomjlifesci.257

Copyright (c) 2017 Andrzej Żyluk, Zbigniew Szlosser

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