Sexual dimorphism and asymmetry of digit ratio (2D:4D) – pilot study

Katarzyna Zaleska, Katarzyna Kliś, Agnieszka Suder, Iwona Teul, Iwona Wronka


Introduction: Numerous studies have demonstrated sexual dimorphism in 2D:4D digit ratio. Shall be regarded that the value of the 2D:4D ratio is determined in fetal life by the action of hormones. The aim of the study was to evaluate asymmetry and sexual dimorphism in 2D:4D digit ratio.

Material and methods: The study was conducted on a group of 115 women and 46 men, aged 19–25 years. Individuals, which were included in the study, are students of two universities in Cracow – Academy of Physical Education and the Jagiellonian University. The measurement of the length the ϐingers II and IV both hands was made in each person and the value of digit ratio was calculated for all obtained data.

Results: The women had the higher value of the index 2D:4D in both hands, compared with men covered by the survey. In males it was demonstrated higher average value of the length of the ϐinger IV than the ϐinger II.


the length of the ϐingers, digit ratio 2D:4D, asymmetry, sexual dimorphism

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