Current diagnostic options in uveitis – a review of the literature

Monika Modrzejewska, Oliwia Zdanowska, Dawid Świstara


Most cases of uveitis in the pediatric population with an identifiable etiology are non-infectious (67.2–93.8%) and occur in the setting of severe systemic disease. Collaboration among physicians of different specialties and a wide range of specialized diagnostic tests are essential in determining the correct diagnosis of the disease entity. Children are at greater risk of developing serious ophthalmic complications that can threaten vision, interfere with normal childhood development, and lead to severe disability. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the disease at an early stage. A reliable diagnosis allows the implementation of appropriate therapy, which can prevent the occurrence of further complications. The authors of this study reviewed the current literature (2018–2023) in PubMed and Google Scholar, outlining the current diagnostic options for uveitis.


uveitis in children; etiology of uveitis; diagnostics of uveitis in children

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